10-th International
Moscow Tattoo

10-th International Moscow Tattoo Convention
will take place 25-26 May 2019
in ECC "Sokolniki", pavilion №4.
Best tattoo artists and related subcultures from all over the world will get together in a huge and bright space in "Sokolniki" to share their experience, demonstrate their works and to make hundreds tattoos in a very special atmosphere.
This gives a chance to touch the centures-old traditions, learn about tattoo styles and trends, watch the best artists working, see thousands of tattoos from all over the world and show yours.
Including popular music bands, daily best tattoos awarding and lots of relevant activities for the visitors: creative spaces, lectures, master-classes and many others.
Two days of show
International Moscow Tattoo Convention –
this is...
10-th International Moscow Tattoo Convention
will take place June 2, 3 and 4 in 2019
in ECC "Sokolniki", pavilion №4.
May 25: 12:00 till 22:00
May 26: 12:00 till 22:00

Participants 2017
visitors in 3 days
10 000
Convention in numbers
3 500 м²
tattoo artists and suppliers
years of experience
Nomination Schedule
Actual nomination time depends on participants amount and can be changed.
May 25
12:00 Convention opening
14:00 Ornamental tattoo
15:00 Realism
16:00 Large tattoo
17:00 Individual tattoo
18:00 Portrait
Best of Day (only for tattoos
made this day)
20:00 Awarding
May 26
12:00 Opening
14:00 New school (neo-traditional) tattoo
15:00 Old-school (traditional) tattoo
17:00 Dotwork
17:00 Japanese tattoo
19:00 Best of Day (only tattoos made this day)
20:00 Awarding. GRAND PRIX (best of all 3 days winners)

Topic: Japanese tattoo. Specifity of sketching. Creating process.

Speaker: Maxim Titanic (Moscow) – leading tattoo artist in Mad Fish Tattoo in Japanese tattoo , 7 years of working experience. Awarded by local and international conventions. 7-th and 8-th International Moscow Tattoo Convention jury. Specializes in large tattoos (sleeves, costume).

Topic: "Digital art in tattoo industry. Techniques of creating tattoo designs with the help of graphic editors".

Speaker: Andrey Biserov, the winner of international tattoo conventions, winner of 8-th International Moscow Tattoo Convention.

from leading
tattoo artists 2016

Topic: Stylization techniques. Main aspects and styles of art.

Speakers: Amir Husky (Kazan) and Anton Kovrigin (Moscow).

Amir Husky – young and progressive tattoo artist, awarded by international tattoo conventions. Has a large experience in education ("new-school" lectures and master classes).

Anton Kovrigin – leading tattoo artist at Mad Fish Tattoo in "Watercolor tattoo" technique. 10 years of experience, participant and winner of international tattoo conventions.

Summary: Stylization techniques and examples. Main aspects and styles of art overview.

Topic: Lettering as one of tattoo trends. Freehand. Body plastics and letters dynamics. Choosing tattoo machine.

Speaker: Stanislav Gromov (N. Novgorod) – tattoo artist with graffiti background. In 2001 his love for font graffities transformed into passion for wide calligraphy. Currently he promotes font tattoo style in Russia and worldwide.

Aleksandr Tagunov
Photo Exhibition
Usually makes pictures of people with prison tattoos. They live for today and never have plans for tomorrow and their tattoos hide great stories. Also he shoots friends portraits, mostly tattoo artists. Makes pictures with a pair of film cameras, mobile phone and a cheap digital cam.

Photographer's page
Uliana Klyk
Photo exhibition
More than a year Uliana is interested in video and montage. The most favourite and inspiring time of the day - twilight, night or the time before sunrise. That's why her shots are full of dream atmosphere and melancholy. The past year Uliana spent the summer in a Euro trip with a backpack and camera only. During her journey she met interesting tattoo-artists from different countries and cities. After that she was shooting them during the whole month.

Photographer's page
Exhibition, master-classes, live painting
MAX13 is a artist and designer, makes graffiti since 2014. Participant and winner of international graffiti fests, jams and exhibitions.
Classical art education and experience in graffiti helped him to find his very own style in painting. The idea of layers and colours overlay on the canvas was taken from so common street arts. He uses acrylic and spray paint as the main supply.

Artist's page
Lenya the magician
Unique card tricks
Lenya the magician - designer and card tricks master. Interested in cards as an arts at the age of 13. Had his own solo performances in clubs, took part in Moscow Tattoo Convention in 2010. Created his own brand "punk magic" focused on magicians and cardists. In 2016 he created his first training cards deck called Satanic Cardistry.

On 9th Moscow International Tattoo Convention event visitors will see the artistic card manipulation, live conversations and unique card tricks.

Secrets of the third planet
Secrets of the third planet (S3P) - is a band of Moscow sound-producer Evgeniy Frankevich, also known by participating in a famous Moscow band Silence Kit.
S3P music is a combination of electronic and guitar music. Balancing between instrumental and text forms it turns into light and colourful dream, drown in a depth of reverberation, abstract fantasies and sparkling harmonious noise.

Official page
Cricket Captains
For the last couple of years young indy-rockers from Moscow Cricket Captains gained a reputation of interesting and attractive band. Xuman Records and Indie Music blog favourite, regular participants of Adidas and Moscow Music Week events, they got an image of creative and gambling band, worth to see and hear, especially on live shows. Violent fantasy and everlasting energy make their shows and music remarkable from the first chords.

Official page
The mastodons of Moscow ska-culture. They began the activity in 2001 and attracted the audience with their drive and energy of young blood. Today guys found their own unique style - synthesis of ska music with the neighbouring genres, waving beats, interesting guitar riffs with deep bass, electronic backgrounds. All of this is combined with woodwinds - tenor and alt sax and trombone. Their music makes people dance and have fun, their texts make them listen and sing. It is worth seeing and hearing the band.
Official page
Toys band has a very powerful energy, combining guitar pressure and bright keyboard atmosphere. the mix of poppunk and powerpop genres differs the band from others in Russia. It has 3 studio albums, couple of music videos and great amount of shows. Toys band consists of 4 sexy guys, connected with one idea and goal. Participants of such festivals as Nashestviye, Dobrofest, Maxidrom, Vozdukh and others.

Official page
VANYN - is a Moscow band, combining modern sound with blues, reggae, funk and country elements. VANYN songs can not be described by one genre. Every song is born with it's own unique character and temper. The only thing that unites and tames everything - is the musicians, their feeling and very unique playing manner of each band member.

Official page
Alligators - are the most iconic representative of rockabilly in Moscow. They appear 1991 and perform the music of 50's, the golden age of American history, more than 25 years. Alligators do perform covers on famous blockbusters and also their own compositions carefully aged by the spirit of that time.

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